Hunter, 4 months

April 6th, 2013

Dear Hunter,

It’s fun being your mom. This month you started to love toys. You grab the animals hanging down over your play mat and bite them. Last week you asked for a toy for the first time. Dad was holding you, and you craned your neck towards the play mat, and whined. When he put you down on it you were happy.

The same day you asked for the play mat, we were able to get your feet out of the Ergo without crying. Yay! You still don’t want to be in it unless you are at least mostly asleep, but it’s a baby step!

You like the cloth ball with a bell in it a lot too. When I sort laundry I put you in the Bumbo in the middle of the bed and let you hold it. Today in the car I put it on my thumb and waved my hand around. You laughed and laughed and laughed. You pretty much never laugh for me, either. You laugh a lot when Dad zerberts your stomach and sides. Anyway, when you stopped laughing I thwacked your buckle with it and then that was hilarious for 5 minutes.

You also started using the baby office last week. I went to flip the laundry and when I returned you’d made a 90 degree turn in it!

What else? You really like pop-up books and That’s Not My Teddy. And today, we went to the goat farm.
Hunter 4 mos goat farm 025

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