Hunter 5 mos and Katya too

May 25th, 2013

Hello kiddos!

We just came back from a lovely visit with your great-grandparents. They adore both of you. Katya you were telling stories like crazy, setting Grandma’s collectible china birds up with a tiny china tea set and rearranging the living room furniture. Hunter you talked baby to them across the room and they loved it.


We finally can do back carries!
At almost 5 mos and a week Katya was swinging your hands and singing to you when I moved you and you told me “Eeeeeh!” Cut it out mom!
At your 5 month doctor visit you were 14 lbs 5 oz, 15th percentile for weight, 68th percentile for skull, and I’ll have to add length later.
Your poop consolidated to once most days. You had your first no poop day. I felt a little nervous!
Your original baby name song has been mostly changed to the cheer “Hunty Hunty boo Hunty boo Hunty Hunty boo!”
At 5 1/2 mos you learned how to make that baby pteranadon high pitched squawk. I miss the “Ah-GUH.”
At 5 1/2 mos you started chewing on sticks of celery, cucumber, and snap peas. You get kind of frenzied.
At 5 1/2 mos I was so used to you never peeing during diaper changes anymore that I tickled you in the middle of one and you peed all over me.
Also this month you started once in a while crying when someone you don’t know is looking at you. Babycenter says that is normal down to the week it started.
You looooooove your longtime diaper song, “I’m Me” by Charlie Hope. Your favorite animal sound is the “cock-a-doodle-doo.”

Katya quotes:

“I made prosthetic fairy wings.”
Dad just tried to sneak out of Katya’s bedroom thinking she was asleep when a little voice asked, “Can you make a gumball vending machine?”
And on the way home when we were discussing whether Piecemakers might have closed, Katya said, “Isn’t a piecemaker a bionic device?”
You just yelled out the window at Grandma, after saying goodbye, “PS Superbye!”

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