Hunter 6 1/2 mos

June 26th, 2013


We call you “Hunty Bunty Elefunty” a lot these days.

You are flipping on your belly a lot. A few days ago you sort of accidentally scooted backwards a few feet.

You love to be sat up. We have sitting time every day on the bed after you fell on the carpet and it made a big melon-y thump. OUCH. You love to sit in front of a plastic bin of books and carress them. You are SO tactile right now you often have one hand scratching whatever you can reach without looking at it. I caught you doing it in your sleep. You really like the “That’s Not My” touch and feel books right now. And smelling things! You love the scratch and sniff fruit book and anything else that’s fragrant that I hold up.

You love being tossed just a teeny-tiniest bit in the air. You laugh and laugh. You love dancing with me. You love it when I have you wipe my face first with the wet washcloth and suck my breath in dramatically like it’s really cold. You have a great laugh.

Your dad holds you standing up on the floor. You “do squats” as he says up and down. He calls it the “Hunty Bunty.” He also gently bounces you up and down on the trampoline with Katya. You LOVE it.

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