Katya quotes, 6 yrs 2 mos

July 23rd, 2013

K: Is this your seed pod Dad?
B: Yes.
K: OK I’ll put it over by the blue tape so you can cover it with tape whenever you want.

B: What do you think about the new doormats?
K: I hate them! They look like funeral doormats! I’m going to kick them every time I walk by!

K: Why did that lady give you fake breasts? (maybe a year after last discussing it)
A: Ummm…you mean my old neighbor? She bought them to put in her bra to make her breasts look better. It’s pretty silly.
K: Why did she give them to you?
A: She gave them to Grandma Marilyn when she didn’t want them anymore. And Grandma Marilyn didn’t want them so she gave them to me.
K: Why didn’t she want them anymore?
A: The neighbor got surgery to make her breasts bigger, I think. That’s pretty silly. And Grandma Marilyn never really wanted them.
K: Can I have them?
A: Sure. What did you want them for?
K: When I get my baby rats they can use them to have nursies.

WHOA Six Monthsplosion (posted out of order)

July 23rd, 2013

Hunter! You are just shy of 6 1/2 months as I write this.

You just got bigger–I think you were in 3-6 month clothes for less than a month before I had to pull out 6s.

In the last week you have Found Your Thumb.

You like it when I put your left big toe in your mouth to suck and chew on but you don’t do that on your own. You do grab your feet though.

You just started taking naps consistantly in the Ergo on my back.

Yesterday Katya showed you how to hammer in the wooden pegs on the tool bench toy and you picked up the hammer and HAMMERED. And chewed. And hammered.

You almost can stay sitting up by yourself. You just started rolling over more and intentionally spending more time on your belly.

For the last week or so you are fishing/scratching around feeling the texture of everything with one of your hands pretty regularly.

A week or so before your 6 month birthday Dad spontaneously gave you some sunflower seed butter. Welcome to the eaters! You have since gnawed carrots, celery (a favorite), radish, cucumber, banana….you get very frenzied and drooly.

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