We have a CRAWLER!

August 23rd, 2013

Right after 8 1/2 mos Hunter I put you on the diaper change mattress I keep on the bathroom floor for when I need to use it and
you just kind of left.


You still have your belly on the ground but you can move, move, move. Almost completely forward. You may have backed yourself into a corner of the office yesterday.

And here you just got your fourth tooth last week too. You ground your teeth for a few days. More of a click, click click.

You may think it is funny to bite me right now. Ah, baby jokes.

You offered grandma the celery you were gnawing on one night. You are a very generous little person.

Daddy laughed pretty hard because he heard you tell me off yesterday for the first time when I had you in a back carry for too long. You are so mellow that everyone is shocked when you get mad.

Yesterday was also probably your first long experience sitting in the grass. You very happily stroked blades of grass, and even more so, shredded dry leaves for at least 20 minutes. There were some grunts and yells of glee.




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