Hunter, almost 9 mos

August 31st, 2013

Dear Hunter,

In the last week or so you figured out how to crawl, open a cloth diaper with Velcro closures, and also you started eating so much you started having big kid poops.

How could that possibly go wrong?!?

Today Dad helped you stand up holding the side of your play pen. You’re pretty proud of yourself. For at least a week now, probably more, you’ve been standing and sitting with just hands to steady you. Your legs are very wobbly!

You also had you first bath in the baby bathtub instead of sink, and you loved it! Dad’s been holding you over the pool water and letting you dip your feet in a lot, and I did that at the ENC in the stream this week, so you’re more comfortable with water now.

You also had your first food in the high chair this week. Max stole the mesh feeder bag containing banana and grapes and WOULD NOT LET GO. I could not pry his jaws open, and after Dad did, when I was dragging Max outside, he bit my pants! I washed it really well and then filled it with the egg yolk filling from deviled eggs. You love it.

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