13 months!

January 21st, 2014

Hunter Bunter!

You can screech so loud now (often because you want food you see) that I temporarily lost part of the hearing in my left ear the other day.

Man, do you like to EAT. You ate 2 bananas and more than a cup of carrot today. You’re still not digesting much so it’s tricky to feed you. You snaked a corn chip today and dipped it in my guacamole.

You just got over a fear/fascination with the smoke detectors and moved on to vacuums.

You loved Christmas. You were mad when we pushed gifts at you after the first one though.

You like the aquarium too.

You understand us pretty well. I was wrangling you in the bathroom today, dumping the potty into the toilet. When I muttered something like “Ug I stuck my hand in your poop” you made a tiny face and started to reach for your poop in the toilet. Not a request, buddy.

You love Penny. You crawl down the hall saying “Cat!”

You seem to have largely stopped standing up in your high chair. Thank you! We started doing art time after a meal around your first birthday so now when you are done you look at the art supplies pointedly instead…..

It’s a couple weeks later now. You can say “ma” (Max) for dog, caw for bird (just outside), dot, and eye. You’ve said carrot a few times.

You started doing this cute thing where you lie on your face for 2-5 seconds with a big grin. You make various sounds 3 times. Ya ya ya. Pause. Up again.








Happy Birthday Baby!

January 2nd, 2014

Mr. Hunter! You are one year old!

The last few weeks have been a time of enormous change, really our absolute favorite time to be your parents so far. At about 11 1/2 months you stood without holding on to anything for a moment, when you picked something up with your supporting hand. Now a few weeks later you love to pull yourself up into standing and are still crawling as primary mode of locomotion but have been surfing the wall in the bathroom to get to the toilet paper dispenser. You love to unroll the toilet paper.

Around that same time, 11 1/2 months, your primary baby talk word became cat.

Cat…does not mean cat. You wake up in the at us, and say, Cat! You say cat to mom’s nipple and cat when you look at Max sometimes which is funny…but does not mean cat. Often you say cat cat cat cat hat. During this time you repeated pho and lion and, right before your birthday, said “‘gain!” You put a diaper insert on Mom’s head a said, Hat! I wish we had a clear answer as to what your first real word was. You have learned to (usually) say cat at the end of your cat song. There are 4 verses and the first goes:

There once was a baby named Hunter He was a Hunter Bunter And when he saw Grandma’s pet Penny He said CAT

The one thing that clearly always means the same thing– at least mostly–is hot. Dad holds you while he makes the coffee, and when the steam comes out, you both say “hot.”

You just started doing the excited head shake.

OK, I am posting this one day before you are 13 months old, because I was busy making your baby book. I hope you like it!














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