13 months!

January 21st, 2014

Hunter Bunter!

You can screech so loud now (often because you want food you see) that I temporarily lost part of the hearing in my left ear the other day.

Man, do you like to EAT. You ate 2 bananas and more than a cup of carrot today. You’re still not digesting much so it’s tricky to feed you. You snaked a corn chip today and dipped it in my guacamole.

You just got over a fear/fascination with the smoke detectors and moved on to vacuums.

You loved Christmas. You were mad when we pushed gifts at you after the first one though.

You like the aquarium too.

You understand us pretty well. I was wrangling you in the bathroom today, dumping the potty into the toilet. When I muttered something like “Ug I stuck my hand in your poop” you made a tiny face and started to reach for your poop in the toilet. Not a request, buddy.

You love Penny. You crawl down the hall saying “Cat!”

You seem to have largely stopped standing up in your high chair. Thank you! We started doing art time after a meal around your first birthday so now when you are done you look at the art supplies pointedly instead…..

It’s a couple weeks later now. You can say “ma” (Max) for dog, caw for bird (just outside), dot, and eye. You’ve said carrot a few times.

You started doing this cute thing where you lie on your face for 2-5 seconds with a big grin. You make various sounds 3 times. Ya ya ya. Pause. Up again.








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