Hunter, 16 mos, 3 wks

April 25th, 2014

Hunter! You took your first steps this week! I was so excited that your dad was there too that I made a big screetch and startled you into sitting down. You’re taking a couple of steps a couple times a day, usually saying “Ha ha ha ha.” For a few days before that you were walking on your knees a little and you still are. You’re just such a great crawler that you’re still mostly doing that.

Hunter, 16 mos 1week

April 25th, 2014

When I open the car door to let you out, you say “Ha” (hi) and give a little hand scrunching wave.

You love to crawl up to the dog food bowl and feed Max 1 kibble at a time.Eventually you cave and try to eat a little too.

You have the gassiest little tummy some nights. I hope we figure out why soon! You get stinky crust behind your ears too.

Today I brushed Penny in front of you, and you giggled! You didn’t know cats used brushes!


15 1/2 months

April 7th, 2014

Hunter, right now, you are cutting your first molars (9 th & 10th teeth), thinking about trying to walk, and just starting to say more than one word at a time.

You pointed out the window and told Dad your first story: “Cat! Cat! Up!” You also just called the rubber ducky that looks like a cat “cat duck” and the lid to Dad’s bottle “cup hat.” (You were muttering that one to yourself in the back of the car, practicing.) Other new words include “ca” avocado, “ca” coffee, smell, and quack.

Goodness! 2 days have gone by and you are cutting the other molars too.

This week you surprised me with your first baby sign, all done. I quickly showed you how to┬ásign “eat.”

Yesterday I heard some gassy noises. I asked you if you were pooping and you shook your head. I asked again, you shook your head. I looked over a moment later and you were making an unmistakable poop face. I ran you up to the potty and said, “If you have to go poop, you know what you can say?” You answered, “Cat.”





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