Hunter, 18 1/2 mos

June 27th, 2014

1. Last week you found some Barbie sized sunglasses and tried to put them on. When it didn’t work, you turned them around and tried again.

2. You became primarily a walker shortly before 18 mos, after practicing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. You still crawl if you are tired.

3. When we flew to NY, the air pressure in your ears did not bother you one bit.The sensation of liftoff scared you, though.

4. You looooove things that fly, avian & manmade. You actually jumped up out of being most of the way asleep the other day because you heard a loud helicopter noise.

5. You looove to pet tree trunks and pick flowers.

6. You really love our new water table. You love to scoop water out and pour or throw it out of the table. That’s very similar to your favorite sand box activities. There is a lot of sand on the ground.

7. You had your first appointment with Dr. Aufdemberg a few weeks ago. You are 60th percentile for height. Big boy! This is the first time you’ve measured as anything other than tiny. The allergy tests came up all negative. You have a Tinkertoy “ear checker” that you use on yourself and other family members quite often. When you check your mouth you say “ahhhh.”

8. Suddenly, last month, you started pulling wooden blocks out by yourself and building towers. I was amazed to see one made out of 3 columns, and then Dad saw one a few days later, made of 6 blocks, that was taller than you! You have great fine motor skills. You are so slow and careful stacking things and they rarely get knocked over accidentally in the process. OF COURSE they get knocked over! That’s what blocks are for!

9. Same with the Duplo. You can totally put them together yourself now, and you do. You often take the flat Duplo base with wheels and put your foot on it like it’s a skateboard.

10. You can now eat squishers without making a mess, usually. You barfed cow yogurt up a few times so despite negative allergy tests we skip that. You love defrosted frozen blueberries. You eat part of a Persian cucumber nearly every day.

11. You have gotten very expressive with the baby signs. Besides signaling when you are finished with food, you sometime use “all done” for those “I am so over this” moments, like on long trips in the carseat, and when you see us pull out the eye drops.

12. After a few months of waving “Ha'” you now can say “hi” or “haaaaai!” It is very important to you to have both trampoline hugs and some waving time when Dad leaves. You often try to follow him out.

13. Some books you especially like right now are the Otto series by Todd Parr (Ot!), all things Maisy, Push Button by Aliki, Great Day For Up, Wild About Books, Lisa’s Airplane Trip, and anything pop-up.

14. You are opposed to the kitchen door being open. You toddle over and shut it every time you notice.

15. You LOVE to sweep. You go get the broom any time you see it. It doesn’t seem to be so much about cleaning, but you do care about that as well. Yesterday there was dog fur all over the living room floor from grooming. You looked at Dad, pointed to fur on the floor, said “hmmmp,” pointed to the vacuum, and said “hmmp” again.

16. You love to climb the stairs and sit down halfway. You kick your feet and grin. I think it’s just delightful to you to have a seat the fits you so well that your feet touch the floor.

17. You really like to throw away trash. You even have been picking up pieces of tape and paper to throw away. It’s awesome. Only occasionally does something…well…EXTRA end up in there as well.

18. You love to watch ants.










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