We’ve Been Listening to the Percy Jackson Audio Books

July 13th, 2014

B: The gods had to separate the original Pollys and the modern Pollys so they wouldn’t kill each other.

K: The earlier Pollys were polytheistic. The modern Pollys are Polly Pockets.


July 10th, 2014

We’ve been taking a late start academics, natural approach to reading with Katya. I think she knows all the names of the letters and sounds, but I had the doctor use the pictures side of the eye chart just in case. After she learned to read the first BOB book last year, I got so excited that she stopped wanting to have anything to do with them. So for quite a while now she’s just played some literacy (and other) games on the iPad from time to time.

Today Hunter was on top of me, and the oven timer was going off. I asked K to turn it off. She said she didn’t know which button to push. I told her it was on the bottom by the towel. “Zero?” she asked. “No, the one in the corner.” “The OFF button?” “Yes…..hey, did you just read that?” She gave me a look and said, “I can read some words, you know.”

Nope. I did not know that. But I do now!

Current Kiddo Interests, end of June 2014

July 4th, 2014

I’m getting more organized, and one thing I have been meaning to do more regularly is list the kiddos’ interests out to get me thinking about how to better support them.

Hunter: ants, flashlights, sweeping, using the Duplo car base as a skateboard, Calico Cat books, shoes, outside water play, pouring the sippy water bottle out, buckling the high chair buckle

Katya: building little houses, LEGO Friends, CraZLoom, Percy Jackson audio books, Goddess Girls books, Story of the World Book Two: Middle Ages, mythology, joke & Madlibs & game nights, carrying around stuffed animals and Barbies (changing their outfits, arranging small beds)

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