Kiddos in July 2014

August 11th, 2014

Stuff is happening faster than I can document it!
So here we are 1/3 through August and I have not talked about July.
I’m giving myself 5 minutes to finish this and move on.


Theme nights:

Balloons! The kids love the book Emily’s Balloon. Hunter got so excited about chosing balloons to be blown up that he ran up and gave some to a stranger at Party City. We ate popovers and cherry tomatoes and grapes put on toothpicks so they look like balloons.

Percy Jackson: Katya listening to the 4th book in the 2nd series. They loved whacking the monster picture with the plastic sword!

Mermaids: any time Katya starts loudly singing Frozen songs while doing something, I know it is a winner. Putting up streamers: yes.  Also? Making sweet edible clothes for plastic dolls never gets old.

Frozen: Always. Katya used fondant for the first time.

Katya is really into the cake decorating. She keeps going into the food building at the fair to talk to the people doing demos. Apropos of nothing, in the car the other sat she said, “I’ve been thinking about zombies. You could make noses out of skin-colored fondant. Then you could make purple band-aids and put them on the noses. Or maybe skin-colored band-aids.


Shoes: Hunter prefers to have a large shoe on his right foot when at home, so he often has 1 or 3 shoes on. Bill keeps putting the other shoe on and Hunter keeping shaking it off. He helps himself to everybody’s shoes quite regularly.

Climbing: The kids love our hand-me-down play structure. The climbing inside has decreased. YAY.

Garbage truck: We watch it every Friday morning, twice, and Hunter’s most selected read aloud is Stop That Garbage Truck!

Fireworks: This is really early August, but Hunter discovered the fair fireworks just a few days before the fair closed. We can see them from the bedroom window. After the 1 1/2 minute max show he says “Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Mah” making popping movements with his hands and then the baby sign for more. We have been watching a fireworks show on my phone before bed.



Hunter, 20 mos

August 4th, 2014

H, playing in play kitchen: Mama! Mama!
A: Hey buddy! Did you make me something to eat?
H, grinning and running towards A carrying plastic plates: POOP!
(Yes. In his pants.)

Today I also caught Hunter crawling up Natalia’s stairs, giggling.
A: Hunter! Are you running away with the circus?
H: Hmmph! (shakes head emphatically and points at me)
Awwww, he’s running away with ME. <3

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