August 2014

September 5th, 2014

1. Katya, you have been watching so much Cake Boss that you are starting to talk like him. You walk around the house fretting about how worried you are about all your upcoming orders. We were decorating Christmas tree shapes and you said, “I’m not going to let these babies down!”

2. Hunter, you are adorable. You offered every single bite of your lunch to a plastic oinking pig before you ate it. This morning you were fooling     around by sticking your foot in your mouth. You  are doing a little plate flinging when you are done with your food. You have been matter of fact

3. Hunter, you sadly mostly stopped wearing 3 shoes at almost all times and gave fallen in limive with a pair of  boots with Velcro closures. They are very snug. You laugh hysterically while we force your feet in.

4. Hunter, your newer favorite books this month are William and Boomer, about a goose; anything about fireworks; Stop That Garbage Truck! but NOT Trashy Town, which for some reason we cannot figure out makes you cry a weird fear cry in the middle; and The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton, which has all the adults in the house saying “bee Bo” a lot.

5. Hunter, the last week of the month, you figured out that you can wedge things in between the glass and screen in the master bedroom window. You try new things every day.

And now it’s September. What?! How?! Here comes the next list of how my kids are awesome. 🙂

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