Sept 2014, K 7 & H 21 mos

October 4th, 2014

Katya, we are reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book about Atlantis. You told me that you didn’t want to share it with Aurora because of all the endings where you as the lead character die, because you didn’t want her to change her mind about going to Atlantis together.

A: How much do you want to charge for your cupcakes?

K: A dollar. That’s 4 quarters, right?

A: Yep. That sounds reasonable.

K: Mom? Did I just do MATH?

Hunter, you are still speaking extremely little, but, the other day I said something about pompoms and you said, “Pompom?”

9/20: Aquarium of the Pacific! Hunter, your favorite seems to be the lobsters. Katya, you love love love running around the playground boat outside with the random spraying.

9/23: Both kids LOVE the picture book Hansel and Diesel right now. Today Hunter had to come with me to Pep Boys to get a tire repaired. He loved the bead maze table in the waiting area and kept saying, “Bead!” He was, however, scared of the garage. I am not sure if it was too much like the book, with trucks up on lifts.

9/24 I was almost done chopping celery when I heard a weird whimpering noise. I found Hunter sitting on the floor in a puddle of ¬†almost a whole bottle’s worth of red watercolor paint.

9/25 Hunter has been repeating more words as he hears them. He brought me a bit of craft supplies he found on the floor. When I said, “gemstone” he looked at me for a moment and then said, “ham ham.”

Sigh. Where does the time go? It’s spent on LIVING instead of recording, and I guess that’s good. I will have to add more in October!

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