October 2014

November 2nd, 2014

10/01 Hunter pointed to the front and back of his diaper repeatedly, saying “Poop, pee, poop, pee.”

10/02 A favorite library book right now is Behold, the Beautiful Dung Beetle. The transportation books inspire a huge amount of  and pointing, but this one inspires speech: POOP!

10/03 Katya brought home a “Discovering Me” packet from Girl Scouts, with a line that said “I never —— because ——-.” With Dagny’s help, she wrote, “I never cry when I’m just a little sad because I’m not upset enough to cry.”

10/04 Today, Katya dragged a Barbie car full of vintage Barbies through Souplantation by a scarf.

10/05 On her Girl Scouts homework, Katya wrote that Dad’s special talent is juggling, Mom’s is “cooking up pasta stuff,” and Grandma’s is watering plants. She is Very Excited to have bought a pulley at Home Depot.

10/06 Katya screwed 2 legs back on the trampoline after we put on the new, bright blue cover. “I love doing this!” She said. “I could get a job doing this!”

10/07 in the last week, Hunter has enthusiastically added Boom, Whee, and CAKE! Into his vocabulary.

10/10 Today, when we came in from following the trash truck for the second time, Hunter cried. “Are you sad because you miss the trash truck?” I asked. He nodded with his little lip sticking out.  Within the hour, he had taken the bag out of the (not quite full) kitchen trash and insisted on taking it out to the outside trash cans. Much pretending to be garbage trucks always ensues. A bit later, he took the now almost empty bag out and pretty much dumped it over his head.

10/13 I think multiple word utterances have really arrived. Yesterday, Hunter said this about climbing the ladder: up up up up high up high. When he was playing with a Polly Pocket dog by himself, I heard this: wuh wuh pee poop pee poop pee poop.

10/15 Hike at Riley Wilderness Park. Hunter stopped on the trail and said, “Ant! Ant ant ant ant” for possibly the first time. Katya climbed the lightening-struck oak by herself.

10/19 K: I made up a new joke! Do you want to hear it?
A: Sure!
K: Where to gangsters go grocery shopping?
A: Where?
K: Trader Drugs! Get it?

10/20 Hunter tucked the plastic dinosaur bookmark under the edge of the carpet and said “Nigh nigh”

10/21 In the morning, Hunter wiggled off the potty and went running down the hall. A few minutes later, I found him squatting in the hall in a puddle of pee, running his steamroller through it. I got him wiped off and onto the bed for a diaper, where he decided he wanted to nurse. After a bit he started pulling off and started steamrolling my nipple with the pee steamroller.

10/24 Hunter has been really loving the movement CDs I have been putting on every day this month. Sometimes he walks up to the CD player and asks for them. He crawls like a bug when the song says to, reaches up high, etc., though some of the movements are still beyond him. Katya’s reactions are mixed. She loves the song “Freeze Dance.” This morning Hunter was running around in circles in the master bedroom, loudly singing heartfelt tribal toddler songs, when he stopped suddenly and said. “Whee!”

10/25 After I read aloud a book called “Skelly: The Skeleton Girl” Katya stared into space and made up this poem on the fly:
I can’t walk
I can’t go to bars
I can’t smoke cigars
Because I just happen to be a skeleton
It just happens to be me!

10/26 Today seems to be the day that Hunter really starts speaking throughout the day. He said poop, hand (heyn), knee, up, mom, pee, pop, ice, plate…

10/30 Hunter peeled an entire cutie by himself today, including getting it started. Wow. The word “eat” is new on the past few days, replacing hmmmmph pointing at the mouth.

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