November 2014

December 7th, 2014

Nov 1: On Halloween, Hunter wore long sleeves for the first time in so long that I think it seemed like a brand new experience. He kept pulling one arm out through the bottom of the shirt, looking it it, and then putting it back in the sleeve.

Nov 13: Private swim lessons for Katya. She got over the hurtle of putting her face in the water by humming Let It Go to keep the water out of her nose. Also: back float! Yay!

Nov 14: Katya’s first camping trip, with Bill! The sprinklers at Kiwanisland came on and sprayed directly into the tent at midnight. Katya had a ball.

Nov 17: Hunter has a new mildly unhappy face. We call it duck lips.

Nov 18:
K: I want to get a bunch of Barbie sets and recreate…(plays with dolls) I think I want to get a bunch of Barbie sets and recreate…
A: the pictures in the package?
K: Asgard.

Nov 19: Hunter grabbed a plastic baggie from the LEGO bin, announced, “Poop!” and proceeded to use it to pick up imaginary dog poop from all over the floor.

Nov 20: Katya stuck her face in the pool during her swim lesson!  Hunter grabbed a toy pot full of plastic cereal, a fork, and a spoon, and asked to be boosted into his high chair.

Nov 21: Best mom thing I heard myself say this week: (in the bathroom) “Arg! Is that POOP I just stepped on? Oh, never mind, it’s a blue feather.”

Nov 22: Was grabbing something in the kitchen during breakfast when I heard a weird plopping noise. There was poop cascading out of Hunter’s diaper, onto the high chair, and onto the floor.

Nov 25: The Martha Speaks book series is suddenly very hot around here. We bought a few cans of alphabet soup to eat for lunch and fed some to the dog. Hunter watched intently and with a funny smile on his face to see if Max would start talking.

Nov 26: Katya and I made Rosemary Cheese cookie-crackers with the cookie press, caramel dipping sauce with green apples slices and a green apple pick doll in the middle, and a bowl of chocolate “turkey poop” to bring for Thanksgiving

Nov 27: At their big family Thanksgiving, the Ackerman family sang Happy birthday to Hunter. He cowered and cried.

Nov 28: K, overheard in playroom:
Ow ow ow
I forgot how much it hurt to have someone climb up your hair


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