December 2014

January 10th, 2015

Dec 1: If you want to enrage Hunter after his bath, wipe him off with his alligator towel without putting the hood on his head. I dare you. He will flail and yell angrily, possibly stomp, and then present the back of his head to you for hooding.

Dec 2: Just when I was noticing the absence of “no” a few weeks ago, it appeared: “Mo.” Not yelled toddler style, just a casual nope to questions.

Dec 3: A fabulous birthday dinner! Hunter was confused by the yelling after the candle blowing. The first present he was not so sure about unwrapping, but he figured that out in a hurry.

Dec 4: A little conflict about cleanup today. Katya said, “Fine, I’ll go get the blue tape! And Then I Am Going To Tape Your Mouth Shut!!!

Dec 8: Hunter had his 2 year checkup today. 25th percentile for weight and 70th for height. I was impressed that he didn’t get scared of the shot until it was happening.

Dec 9: I asked Hunter what his name was. Silence. I asked him who the people in some photos were. “Kaka!” How about that one? “Gaggy!” Who is with Daddy? “Hunt!”
I have never  heard him say his name before!

Dec 11: While K had her swim lesson, H learned how to bump down the carpeted stairs. He says, “Bup! Bup!”

Dec 12: H says humph! A million times a car trip but usually no words, and he doesn’t answer questions–until today! He said “Hi!” and Bill asked him who. “Duck!”

Dec 13: H’s favorite animal is currently the penguin.

Dec 17: K: I had a scary dream.  You had to give things to zombies or they would eat my your brain.

A: Did they eat your brain?

K: No, I gave them gelt and said, “Happy Chanuka!” …..there isn’t going to be a zombie apocolypse…..until 200 years from now…and that’s OK because I won’t be alive anymore

Dec 24: The bib has suddenly become An Issue. Stain removal is easier. Now he is yelling No. Mo!!!

Dec 24: Hid the hooded alligator towel so H couldn’t grab it and take his clothes off as we were leaving for the Ackermans’. He loved the 20 Questions type party game. He occasionally yelled No with people.

Dec 25: K was upset about her requested Color Change Elsa doll from Santa. Her hair is less than ideal. She was going to get rid of her, etc. Finally, she said, “Fine, I’ll keep her, but she’s getting the worst bedroom in the dollhouse, because she’s the worst doll.”

Dec 27: Hunter climbed the ladder of the play structure saying, Mup, Mup, mup. Bumping up the steps.


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