January 2015

February 2nd, 2015

Jan 6: Hmph! Turned to “yeah.”

Jan 7: H’s new word is “Yuck!” Not about food, thank goodness.

Jan 8: H has a new word, pizza: “pee-up.” A few days later, “pee” then a barely audible “ah.”

Jan 9: Whimpering in the back of the car. Someone now can comprehend enough at a 5th grade level to get scared. 🙂 🙁

Jan 10: H conquered his fear of the Corsican Ram head at Grandpapa’s. He kept poking at the end of its horn.

Jan 11: Katya needed a home day after lots of field trips and an AJE camp day. She recreated Tiana’s ball gown with a fancy trimmed cloth napkin, and dressed Barbie up as Aphrodite. She added a bunch more hanging rooms to the wooden Barbie doll house.

Jan 12: H has enjoyed The Baby Beebee Bird several times lately. Now when he runs around yelling in Elvish, he throws in some “beebees” and “bobbis.”

Jan 13: I was asking Katya what her favorite outside the house homeschool activities were, and after a few minutes H started yelling “Hike! Hike!” She said hiking, and then playing. And bouncing.

Jan 14: H figured out where the leftover lollipops from Halloween are and periodically points at the cabinet door, yelling “Pop!” I held two up for him to choose from. “Which one do you want?” I asked, squinting at the flavors to read them to him. “Ellow!” He said. Alrighty then. I believe he is learning his colors.

Jan 20: H pointed to each letter of his name on the chalkboard wall in the bathroom, saying “Hmph!” for each one.

Jan 21: In the morning, H grabbed Bill’s iPad and sat in his lap. When Bill started reading his email, H pointed at the screen in a bunch of spots and said “A! A! A!”

Jan 23: H has taken to opening the attachment compartment on the vacuum and balancing as many books as possible on the door

Jan 28: Our first official day of Earthroots Field School. Katya–whose nature name is Mint–and I both bravely tried eating rolled up fresh stinging nettles, with pain free success! All three of us hiked up a mountain and tried wild fennel. Hunter later helped himself to something similar looking which I thought might be hemlock, but turned out to be sage. Also, when we hiked ahead, Hunter spent some time pulling apart dry horse dung and examining the hay.

Jan 29: At Centennial Farm, Hunter suddenly pointed and yelled, “HAY!” A goat tried to eat Katya’s hair.

Jan 30: Hunter took me by the hand and gave me a guided tour of all the downstairs smoke detectors.

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