February 2015

March 3rd, 2015

Feb 2:

A: Hunter, do you know where the tweezers are?

H: No

A: Hunter, did you flush the tweezers down the toilet?

H: Yeah

A: Did you really flush the tweezers down the toilet?

H: Gaggy did.

Edit: tweezers recovered from a K-made potion 2 weeks later


Feb 3:

K: It’s a no bored box. I put 10 dimes in it because I can always count to ten, and I can always tell dimes from pennies. Except once in a while they trick me.

Feb 4:

A, in the car: Are you awake?

H: NO!

Feb 10: Hunter grabbed a wad of toilet paper and shoved it between my legs the moment I sat down on the toilet, yelling “WIPE! WIPE!”

Feb 11: Hunter has new strong preferences about getting into his car seat. “Climb! Climb!”

Feb 12: We caught a frog!

Feb 13: H was caught trying to flush Katya’s backup tooth brush down the toilet. Guess we know why we can’t find her regular one.

Feb 17: for some time now, H has been deeply upset by his pants legs riding up

Feb 18: H kept pushing me into a back corner of an adjoining room so he could try to sneak onto Pio Pico’s carriage at the Bowers Museum

Feb 19: if you say bee bee to Hunter he will say bobbi

Feb 20: H is talking a lot more but still singing elf songs. One goes minga minga minga

Feb 21: oh, Hunter. Today you got so mad about me holding onto you on the mini trains that you started gently biting my hands. I had to get the driver to stop the train at the very furthest point from station. Then when I was loading you in the car, you cried because you wanted to be on the train. Then at the library when I was checking out you slipped out the door and made a break for the parking lot. Then when Jaxon came over for a play date, you were mostly ok but sat on the  bottom of the slide saying MINE! When Jaxon wanted to slide. Then when Grandma and I took you to Soup Plantation, you flipped my full plate onto the floor in line.

Feb 26: Hunter picked out a shirt for me to wear. When I said, Oh, I’ll match you because we’ll both have stripy shirts, he said No and had me switch the shirt for one that was also the same color.

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