March 2015

April 1st, 2015

Mar 1: H looked at B’s t-shirt, which shows 2 birds chewing gum. One is blowing a huge bubble, and the other’s bubble has popped all over its face. “Yucky,” he said. “Up. Pop.”

Mar 2: H really enjoys the Froggy and Harold and the Purple Crayon books.

Mar 8: H really enjoyed MadLibs about poop and pee tonight. He said “big” and grabbed the most enormous slice of pizza. Since we checked out Froggy Builds a Tree House the kids have wanted pizza three nights a week.

Mar 10: there have been a bunch of times in the last few days that I’ve gone to the bathroom or the like, and when I have come out, Hunter is naked in the garden. Yesterday I let him stay that way for a while, until after my next run in for the laundry I found him being hosed down inside a tomato cage. Today I asked him why he took his clothes off and he said YEAH!

Mar 13: The weather has been all over the place. During the cold last week Hunter turned the ceiling  fans on multiple times a day. If you turned one off he would walk right back over to the switch and turn it on again. Finally it got hot, pushing 90, and Bill turned the fans on. H walked straight over and turned them off. Repeatedly. “Hunter, can you please leave the fan in?” We asked. He replied, “Me.”

March 14: I was holding Hunter in the kitchen when the stove timer went off. “What do you think that timer is for?” I asked him, having completely forgotten. “Beeping.”

Mar 15: Hunter was tooling around in the master suite while I did some packing. At some point he climbed up into Bill’s sink and proceeded to give himself a long, leisurely bath. Then he stood up and started rummaging through the medicine cabinet. I just stopped him from squirting eye drops on his penis. Next he peed into the sink in a big arc.

Mar 20: A little while after I came home from a morning dental appointment, I asked Katya what she did with Bill. “Um…he went to work.”

Mar 22: Hunter said “White!” when asked if he wanted to wear his white sweatshirt, and again when he saw Apple White.

Mar 23: Here we thought H was getting all his colors down with no effort in anybody’s part, when he spent several weeks insisting that all things were “weh-woe”–yellow.

Mar 25: H climbed the stairs himself saying, “Walking. Room.” When the secret room door was latched he told me, “Pop! Pop!” Once he got inside, he giggled, shut the door, and yelled, ” ME!”

Mar 26: Hunter was outraged when K and I left the text-heavy museum of disABILITY main room and wanted to take a turn in the Invacar. “READ!” he yelled and pointed toward the door.

Mar 27: Hunter discovered the great-grandparents’ Meals on Wheels stash of small cartons of milk. He drank a bunch through a straw and then said, “Mommy.”

Mar 28: At the Father Baker museum, H lifted a souvenier coin, and made a break for it to the front of the church. B figured out that he wanted to drop in the the slot and light a candle.

Mar 30: All legs of the trip to and from NY handled fairly gracefully. On the 5 hour flight from NY to Vegas H crawled all the way under the seat in front of him, and hid some stuff there. There was a little jumping on the seat and whooping. On our late arrival, Katya located 2 suitcases herself, without prompting, hauled them off the conveyor, and rolled them across the lobby to where I was holding her sleeping brother.

Mar 31: In summary, K was most into Ever After High and the Grimmtastic books this month. Hunter was most into frogs, the Froggy books, the iPad, and the roller coaster.


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