April 2015

May 2nd, 2015

April 5: Katya was beside herself picking up her Easter basket. “It feels like it’s been in a bunny’s mouth! I can feel sticky bunny spit! It’s OK though.”

April 5, PM: Grandma told Andy that his brats were the best. ¬†Katya said, “I thought they were the wurst.”

April 12: Hunter has been having a language explosion, saying new words every day. I think 2 word utterances are finally here to stay. The most common is Me too, which sounds like Me poo! Bill says, I’ve never had callouses like this before, H says, Me poo!

April 14: Bill held up 2 Cuties and said, “I got us Cuties.” Hunter said, “No, 3!” dragged a footstool over to the counter, got a third, and handed it to Bill.

April 15: I found Hunter sitting naked in an empty clear storage bin. “Are you taking an imaginary bath?”


“How does it feel?”


Later he found a smaller container, filled it in the bathroom, emptied in the bath bin, and climbed back in.

April 20: Homeschool day at the Natural History Museum! Katya caught a bee in a net! Hunter pulled his pants and diaper down about 5 times. I looked away for a moment out on the lawn behind the cafe, and when I looked up, he was buck naked and on the move.

April 25: H is on the bed with K and looks horrified.

A: What’s wrong, buddy?

H: Teeth fall out.

B: Katya was telling him about the tooth fairy.

A: It’s ok, Hunt. You’re not losing teeth any time soon. You’re such a young guy that you’re actually still growing new teeth.


April 26: Katya built her first Little Free Library!

April 29: Crazy sleep fluctuations and a sudden appearance of sentences!

H, hoisting sippy and grinning: WATER!

A: Yay, water! Water is yummy!

H: Thaz yucky water. (Grins mischieviously, chugs more water)

April 30: Hunter’s newest trick is to claim he wants to go outside naked to pee, then grab unripe cherry tomatoes. He shoves them in his mouth and runs around the corner, squealing.

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