May 2015

June 6th, 2015

May 1: CA adventure! We started the day with an emergency trip to the Workd of Disney store for Hunter, who lost a Croc. Lots of fun with Aurora’s family on her birthday ended at the Frozen gift shop, where Hunter kept carrying Barbie-sized Anna and Elsa dolls over to show “Kaka.” It got so late that we thought we better eat dinner there. On the outside restaurant patio, he suddenly began to pull a poopy diaper out of the leg of his shorts “”””

May 2: The Monster High song singing continues. H ran around the house loudly singing “We are monsters we are proud” for quite some time while most of the family slept this morning.

May 8: We have a mouse. Or mice. And after we observed an ant colony walking through the yard with their eggs and queen yesterday, they decided to come in around a sliding glass door. Out of the 5 human and canine walkers in the house, 3 got stuck in sticky traps.

May 10: Katya has for years done this very distinctive thing. She sits right on the edge of an easy chair or couch, backwards, with her legs tucked under her.

May 11: Hunter has been referring to himself as “Hogo.”

May 12: The kids are getting good at MadLibs. For adjective, Hunter said slimy. Later, when I needed another, I said, what word would describe Mommy? Soft, tall, warm, nice, scary? Hunter said, Hogo. Hunters’s.

May 13: Hunter spontaneously recites “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 wee-oh” in the bathroom. We have no idea where he learned that.

May 14: Overheard: “Do not step on my foot while I’m peeing.”

May 15: Wow! Put a 100 percent dry night diaper back in the drawer in the morning.

later: Katya was officially given her Hebrew name Margalit at the synagogue.


May 19: K, in a sweet voice: Buddy, don’t leave knives on the floor! It’s uncivilized baby behavior.

May 20: Hunter often says “Hey go” these days. Here you go! “Hey go mom.”

May 21:
B: There’s actually a medical problem where poop comes out of your mouth……
K: Eww! (Pause) Does that mean you eat with your tushie?

May 22: Right after Hunter fell asleep he said, “Hi! Hi.”

May 23: Hunter looked at the baby Beluga and mother in a book and said, “Hogo.”

May 24:
A: My cute little baby legs!
H: My legs.
A: They ARE your legs! I did make your whole body inside my body. You know that, right?
H: No.
A: Daddy was there. Bill, can you tell him that he came out of my body and not an egg?
B: It’s true. You hatched out of an egg.
A: Hunter, you did not hatch out of an egg.
H: Egg. Mama hatch out of egg too.
B: Yeah, it was blue with–what kind of spots, Katya?
K: Green spots.

May 25: In anticipation of our SeaWorld trip, we read a book called Shark or Dolphin? When I was explaining that we are mammals like dolphins, and can H see the holes in my head that I breathe through, he pulled my head down to look for a blowhole in my hair.

May 26: For some reason, H gives hugs pretty much only to K, and kisses only to B. Today he announced “Forehead Kiss,” made a lip-smacking kiss sound, and bumped B’s forehead with his open mouth, eyes closed.

May 27: Bill was reciting the contents of the TJs freezer case as they walked by. “Tamales, curry, gnocchi…” Gnocchi? Asked Hunter. “It’s pasta made out of potatoes.” Gnocchi? Here? (Makes fishy nursing face) “Nope, no nursies here.”

May 28: I’ve been playing Got Your Nose with H a little, like my dad did with me. Today he surprised me by grabbing mine with his fist and pretending to throw it across the room. After doing that a few times, he “stole” his own and threw it across the room with a “chewwww” noise.

May 29:  Clad only in a hooded duck towel, H walked up behind me in the kitchen, tugged my elastic-waisted pajama pants down, and proceeded to gently pet my buttocks for several minutes. Then he announced, “Pull up.”

May 31:  I heard Katya’s new dolls saying “Get me out of here!” as she opened the packages.

One Response to “May 2015”

  1. Carey on July 28, 2015 10:11 am

    Oh Alex, You can always brighten my day with your children and what goes on in your life. I am laughing out loud and I don’t do that very often. K and H are a riot! You know the old saying “Out of the mouths of babes”? They take the cake! Thanks for sharing.
    I miss and love you. Carey

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