Katya at 7: 7 Likes and Dislikes

June 16th, 2015

a lost post from a year ago:

1. Likes: seeing real mummies in person, even unwrapped

Dislikes: Paranorman and dark hallways

2. Likes Tangled and having long beautiful hair

Dislikes: hair washing and brushing. We may have had to come to an understanding that included “no barricading.”

3. Likes: corn dogs, frozen berries, strawberries,

Dislikes: Green foods other than green machine and frozen peas.


Likes: Almost every animal and bug in the universe.
“My favorite animal is a butterfly because they’re pretty, and they have lots of camouflage. If I had to be turned into an animal, I would want to be an African grey so I could still talk.”

Dislikes: Spiders. Which is fair, because both our kitchen and yard have poisonous ones sometimes.

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