August Sickies

September 3rd, 2015

We’ve outdone ourselves. This family has been sick for 4.5 weeks and counting, though almost ok. Mom had a fever for 2 whole weeks and has a congested and nearly deaf right ear. H got bronchiolitis; K got Fifth Disease. They went to the doctor twice. Alex went four times and was prescribed four things.

The first week, the kids watched Barbie movies in Bill’s office most days. After that, Camp Stuck At Home had a few Magic School Bus themed weeks. We read at least 40 books, most more than once, and watched 6 DVDs and a season on Netflix, also mostly more than once. Hunter seems especially interested in the episodes inside Arnold’s body. Aside from the MSB, Germs Make Me Sick is a popular bedtime story.


B: Hunter, what are you coloring on?

H: My me!


K: We need fabric that feels like human skin.


K: It’s turning yellow.

B: What?

A: The zit on her arm.

K: Is it made out of cheese? Then it would be a Cheese Zit. Ahahahahaha



Sept 2nd: Katya got excited about reading skill practice with a human. It had to happen sooner or later! Sight Word Go Fish, we love you. The sight words in question include sock monkey, happy birthday, and Ever After High.

Same day: after witnessing parental muttering in response to finding that a “clean” pot was actually full of moldy oatmeal, a little person exclaimed, “Oh, fit!” Baby’s first swear word.

Katya sewed her first dress at Fashion Camp (with Frozen fabric!) and walked a runway for the first time to show it off! At first she was scared but bravely went out and tried again.

Bill and Katya also saw 2 magnificent Shakespearean plays at the Garden Grove theater, plus one at Shakespeare in the Park. She wants to learn “Old English.” We just started reading one scene out of the Brick (LEGO) Shakespeare book a night.




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