November 2015 quotes

November 17th, 2015

Host at Denny’s: Would you like a high chair?
A: No thanks.
B: I’m a big guy.

Later, after kids have started eating various animal-shaped foods:
K: I’m going to have glowing poop because I ate Rudolph’s nose!


H, every day: Hide, monster!


H, naked, climbs into the shirt B is wearing on a cold day.

H: Nursie! (pokes nipple) Nursie! (Pokes other nipple)

B: Let’s show Mommy your hiding place.

H: Hide, monster!

B pulls neck hole aside to peer in and has hand shoved away by H.

B: Hey, this is my shirt.

H: This is my house.

B: But it’s my shirt!

H: This is my house.


H, in Grandma’s house, hands Grandma an open jar of honey which she has never seen before

G, shocked: Where did this come from?

H: It comes from bees.


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