June 2016

July 20th, 2016

H: There’s fruit in that apple!
A: You’re right, apples are a kind of fruit.
H: NO! There’s so much fruit in that apple!

H was looking at his foot and making little animal whiny noises.
A: Oh, your toe nail is breaking. Can I trim it?
H: No!
(Whines like a dog and moans further for several minutes)
(H bites off the broken edge of his toe nail with his teeth)

A: Please put this necklace in the pop beads.
H: You wear it!
A: OK. Do I look pretty?
H: You look so pretty, you could be a chair.
A: A chair? Chairs that you sit on?
H: Yep, you sit on chairs.

H: Are bats people?

H cried a lot about the caterpillars that destroyed the kale being threatened with death. Relocation happened instead.

Max drank Hunter’s pee out of the potty.

The Cat in the Hat books have been huge with Hunter for quite a while.


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